The 415 Media Story

Meet Ryan Horne, the man behind the vision of 415 Media Group. Hailing from the scenic wonders of Sussex County, Delaware, Ryan is not just a marketing maestro but also a devoted husband and fun dad! His roller coaster ride of a journey started in 2004 (the ‘4’ in 415—see what we did there?), the magical year when he met and fell madly in love with his stunning wife, Jenn.

Now, the ‘15’ in 415 isn’t just there to make the name sound cool; it marks the grand completion of the Horne clan in 2015, with the arrival of their fireball daughter, who brought a whirlwind of fun, excitement and a little chaos to the Horne’s den, already bustling with their two sons. Add in a couple dogs, cats, some chicken math and the excitement just never stops.

415 Media Group is like the Horne household—bursting with energy, love, a bit of chaos, and heaps of creativity. Every quirky campaign, every innovative strategy, mirrors the warmth and vibrancy of Ryan’s family journey, echoing core values of connection, completion, and a whole lot of fun! It’s not just about marketing; it’s about crafting stories, sparking laughter, and building a community where everyone feels at home.

So, when you see the ‘415’ in our name, remember, it’s not just a number. It’s a saga of love, growth, late-night diaper changes, first steps, laughter, and the endless joy and chaos of a happy, hustling family! Whether it’s a sizzling SEO strategy or a whacky web design, it’s sprinkled with the essence of the Horne’s love, warmth, and cheerful madness.

And there you have it, a piece of the Horne’s world mixed with a splash of humor and a sprinkle of fun, delivering you marketing solutions that are as lively and unique as their wonderful family journey!

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Our Vision

At 415 Media Group, we’re on a mission to put the zing back in local business! Our dream? To be the superhero sidekicks to the local champs of commerce, helping them stand tall, prosper, and be the heart and soul of their communities!

We’re all about the magical mix, the sparkly synergy between local wonders and their adoring fans (a.k.a consumers!). We want to whip up a vibrant, bustling network, a sort of local utopia, where local businesses and consumers can mingle, jingle, and grow together!

But wait, there’s more! Our spunky services are like colorful bridges of joy, linking local hotspots to their crowd, creating a kaleidoscope of opportunities for shared journeys and mutual sprouting!

So, here’s to building a world bursting with local love, cheerful exchanges, and community vibes. Let’s swirl, twirl, and create waves of local bliss together!


What We Offer

415 Media Group is all about cultivating connection, building bridges between local businesses and the wonderful people around them!

Here, we craft user-friendly websites that feel like home!  With our Local SEO & Search Marketing, we ensure your brand shines brightly on every search, being the beacon for all locals!  We’re your allies in carving a sterling reputation and knitting a social media presence that’s all the rage!

We concoct content that’s engaging and enticing, a sweet honeycomb drawing in your audience! And talk about spreading warmth! Our loyalty and birthday wishes are like rays of sunshine, our email marketing the gentle breeze carrying your messages directly to hearts! We value the tangible touch, connecting through Print/Postcards and Direct Mail marketing, making your brand a household name!

And yes, we’re passionate about our ‘Shop Local’ initiative! It’s our beacon, illuminating our mission to support and elevate local businesses, intertwining communities in a dance of unity and mutual growth!

Choosing 415 Media means embarking on a journey infused with passion, experience, and a shared commitment to seeing you and your community bloom together. Our name is a promise, a compass pointing towards the myriad journeys and bonds yet to be forged. We’re here to amplify your local presence, to weave tales of togetherness within your community!

Eager to see what we can create together? Connect with us and discover how we can elevate your brand to local stardom! Let’s create, let’s connect, let’s make your community a canvas painted with the vibrant colors of local charm!


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